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  1. Hi, I have a headache about the handling of my PX150 front disc brake. After 1000km on somehow bad road in Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria Serbia) riding is very squirrelly. The front of the bike is going from left to and and bag, didn't go straight line but a little bit in zig zag. After all the talking, looking and feeling, I've done this: change the front shockabsorber (old one but better than the existing one) change all the front hib bearings check fork bearings (ok) retight the fork chnage the front tire/rim with back, with another (old one but looking straight) and back tire/rim change the silent blocks from swing arm. starting to feel more tight on the back and a little in front. adjusting tyre pressure within specs and even a little low. check the rubber buffer rear (not torn or damaged but a little soft A little better after the silent block change but still squirrelly in straight line and not following a straight line in curves. Before this trips was feeling rock solid and a tight bike, and played a lot with it, like riding with one hand and bypassing potholes with easy...feels very straight. Other riders try it for the first time and feel the same: gliding from left to right and back most of the time.... What to check and look for, anymore?? Tks
  2. Thanks, nice to meet you. These one is easier: Who is the producer of the nose. I've search it but....
  3. Hello all, we found a VS4 with a couple of accessories. There is a badge "Super" with a font similar to Ulma lettering but I can not find it on the internet. Anyone knows what is this badge? Thank you

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